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Isaac Clarke
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Isaac has been screwed left and right by every authority, though he is trusting of and helpful towards individuals to a fault. He is not a racist, but will deny council authority. He is not mean, but will commit some chaotic acts. All in all, Isaac is Chaotic Good (to a certain point). He likes technology, but is distrusting of scientists and hates illicit research. He dislikes taking orders and those who give them, but that does not mean he will deny them out of principle, especially if it helps people. As such, he isn't much for the soldier's life, though he is friendly with soldiers that share his values.

In-Universe background;
 Isaac was born on Earth, but grew up with his fanatic mother on Mindoir. His nother's fanaticism led to early poverty and a distrust of religion. His government father having gone missing and a slaver attack on Mindoir left Isaac an orphan, joining the Alliance as a way to get through college and have a career as an Engineer, after the companies involved with the colony did not grant any money for surviving (he is bitter towards companies).
 The mistreatment he received by aliens and authorites since becoming an orphan planted a disillusionment with the Citadel government and Alliance bureaucracy, though not a distinct hatred of aliens. He is largely careless of alien cultures.
  His bravery and compassion lifted him through the ranks until a stationing on the colony of Akuze. Trapped in an extreme survival situation, he had to overcome physical torments and psychological stresses that would have broken most people. He survived while all those around him fell. He blames the situation on the companies involved with the Akuze colony and the Alliance government for failing to support it. He sees the Alliance as trying to force Isaac to singlehandedly fix the colony, so their failure was imposed onto him, which he, of course, blames himself for regardless.



Paragon/Renegade should be based on feelings;

Character seen as response

Garrus Carver Loyalty: spared

Grunt animal Never freed

Jack disrespectful rebel Loyalty: Killed Aresh

Jacob soldier Loyalty: father dead, by Jacob

Kasumi bright hacker Loyalty: keep graybox

Legion interesting machine Loyalty: reprogram

Miranda controlling manipulator disloyal

Mordin foolish scientist disloyal

Samara zealot secondary*: kill morinth

Morinth monster dead

Tali promising student loyalty: persuaded ; attempt romance

Thane zealous thug disloyal

Zaeed old thug secondary: save workers, kill Zaeed

Liara foolish scientist acquiantance; no romance

Wrex thug never recruited

Ashley strong soldier died on Virmire; attempted romance

Kaidan smart soldier liked

James Carver II grow to like

Joker cocky friend liked

EDI simple machine denied relationship

Chakwas old medic liked

Kelly Chambers psychologist distrusting

Traynor promising student liked

Council controlling fools hated

Anderson old thug unliked

Udina controlling fool disliked

Aria rebel unliked

TIM controlling hated


*secondary means missions were completed after Suicide mission if survived


>Missions (assuming all were done)

Collector Base destroyed

surviving crew some (2 missions)

Specialists; Tech - Tali, Team Leader - Garrus, Escort - Jacob, Biotic - Jack



Spectre Status denied

Kal'Reegar dead

OmegaBatarians pacified

elnora released

niftu cal calmed

maelon dead, data destroyed

niket killed by Miranda

Talid dead

thresher survived

conrad helped

Parasini ignored

liara killed spy

Overlord released David

Arrival Batarians warned


Based On
Isaac Clarke
: No
Are Mods Used
: No
: Xbox 360, Xbox One